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Cheerleading 2017-2018

Kalahari Indoor Water Park Jan. 3, 2018

Registration is closed

Kalahari Indoor Water Park
Mt. Pococno, PA
Leave school at 1:30pm return at 8pm
Includes water park ticket, coach bus, pizza or chicken tenders w/ fries & drink

Registration will be first come first serve!!!

No refunds!

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The Assumption School Athletics Program 

Our athletics program offers activities that are physically wholesome, mentally stimulating and socially satisfying. Our program integrates athletic competition, education and your child's spiritual well being. All students are encouraged to participate in sports instruction, activities and athletic competition. Athletics provide students an opportunity to learn and develop myriad interests and abilities, which will benefit them while in school and later as adults. Through learning the value of competition and using this highly emotional environment, students develop personal characteristics of emotional maturity, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, goal setting, cooperation, and valuing the necessity of rules and the appreciation of physical movement.

School personnel and qualified volunteers supervise athletic events. Students are expected to behave appropriately and obey the supervisors. Violation of behavior standards will result in expulsion from the event and possible expulsion from future after-school events.

Please note: transportation is the responsibility of parents for all sports. Any student playing a sport MUST have a physical on file.

Questions: Call Kevin Bopp, Athletic Director, 917-861-2876 or eMail to